Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Book Covers of 2011

Seeing all of the great lists for 2011 has got me wanting to make a couple of lists of my own for the past year.  I'm not sure I'll be able to make quite as many as some of my fellow bloggers, but I will do my best to showcase what I felt was the best for me in 2011.  Starting off, we'll hit the very first thing we see when we look at a book (and what we really shouldn't judge it by): it's cover.  Keep in mind, these can't be placed in any order because they're all just too beautiful to really give a number to on a scale.  Instead I'll list them by their published date.

By: Beth Kendrick
Publish Date: May 3, 2011
Reasons: Being a baker, this cover just makes me want to start baking (even though I don't have my own Cuisinart mixer like the one shown). It also makes my mouth water to see either meringue, whipped cream, or frosting being prepared.

By: Josephine Angelini
Publish Date: May 31, 2011
Reasons: The ocean backdrop along with the flowing tunic of the girl just emanates beauty (if not Greek mythology). It's simply gorgeous seeing the contrasting colors that also manage to complement each other as well. 

By: Tera Lynn Childs
Publish Date: September 6, 2011 
Reasons: Simply put...the hair. Just look at it wriggling and moving around! You know that's not a common talent for hair to do, and that means something is definitely up.

By: Claudia Gray
Publish Date: September 13, 2011
Reasons: The ocean and the moon really make this cover for me. It really sets the overall tone of the doomed ship's voyage while also giving a hint of the mystery behind some of the passengers on the Titanic.

By: Brian Selznick

Publish Date: September 13, 2011
Reasons: Lightning is both a beautiful and deadly thing. This cover definitely captures the more beautiful side of the element. Plus, again, the blue background is just a gorgeous tone.

Carrier of the Mark
By: Leigh Fallon
Publish Date: October 4, 2011
Reasons: Blue IS my favorite color, so it's only right that most of my covers seem to feature it. Her dress is just amazing, and while I'm not sure how it relates to the story itself, I'm definitely curious.

Awake at Dawn
By: C.C. Hunter
Publish Date: October 11, 2011
Reasons: The waterfall. Powerful and beautiful, it puts our dear heroine in a different perspective. Besides, now I want to find such waterfalls in Texas!

By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publish Date: October 18, 2011
Reasons: Simple elegance seems to be a theme for the Covenant series, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more lovely covers as more books are published.

By: Mary Lindsey
Publish Date: December 8, 2011
Reasons: I was very lucky to see the progression of covers for Mary's debut at both of her book signings. It was fortunate for readers that they chose to go with this cover having the girl, her dress fading into rose petals, and the white origami rose on the back cover. Breath-taking.

Touch of Power
By: Maria V. Snyder
Publish Date: December 20, 2011
Reasons: Despite the title, the cover shows a more gentle side and how we must take care when using abilities beyond the means of ordinary people. It offers a nice balance of strength and fragility, making it a very lovely image for the story.


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