Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thought for Thursday: Halloween Treats!

It's that time of year again.  When everyone starts seeing ghoulish decorations and shopping for that "perfect persona."  Yes, my friends, this is Halloween.  I love Halloween even to this day.  It's the chance for people of all ages to dress up and have some fun while also either distributing candy or obtaining said candy.  Now, while I don't go out Trick-or-Treating anymore, I still enjoy looking through the costumes, the books and tv specials, and of course the candy.

(Image from 5 Minutes for Mom)
(Also, is that a bag of Cheetos in a candy pile???)

Who doesn't have a favorite treat they enjoyed each Halloween?  For me, there were far too many to count, but I enjoyed pouring out all of the candy from my Jack-o-Lantern onto the table (so my dad could inspect it) and dividing the loot into the various piles in the order I would consume them.  Yes, I was one of THOSE kids, but to my credit, the candy lasted well into November thanks to that method. ^_~  I think my favorites were usually candies with caramel, though I was very fond of KitKats and other Fun-size candy bars like Twix and Crunch.

(Image from Cocoa Heaven)
(Except for the Almond Joy... coconut, yeck!)

Now there were also those candies that I found... unappealing.  Some might say it's because of my young palate being unable to appreciate those candies, but no.  I still don't like them and was glad I didn't eat them. If my parents didn't take them, and it was still early in the night, we'd add those candies to the bowl for our Trick-or-Treaters.  (Recycling is good, better than being wasteful.)  However, if it was too late to expect more costumers, my parents would ask me to trade or give them out to my classmates the next school day.

(Image from Candy Addict)

I think the most confounding one was the wax candy lips.  Why would anyone want to eat candy that tasted or had the texture of wax?  My mom would often play with these, but she never ate them and I can totally see why.  They just look utterly creepy.  In that same vein (no pun intended), what was up with Nik-L-Nips candy?  I pretty much stick with this equation as a candy connoiseur:
Candy + wax = Not candy

Lucky for me, there are better and now more gourmet treats to both partake and make at Halloween.  Such as chocolate-covered apples!

(Image from BeGifty)

Always be willing to think outside the box.  Now, I wish all of you a

Happy Halloween!


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