Monday, October 15, 2012

Ninja-Librarian Posting

Hello dear readers!  I do apologize for this message coming in so late on my blog, but things have been rather busy around DJL's neck of the woods.  I wanted the chance to explain why my postings have been so sporadic and more ninja-like.  You know, *poof* here's a post *poof* there's a post *poof* but not as regularly as I had been posting.  There are several reasons behind this fact.

One reason is that as a librarian II, namely a supervising librarian, it's my job to train any new library assistants we hire on for my library branch in the Adult Reference Department.  And with our previous three choosing to resign nearly back to back, we had to scramble to 1) cover shifts where extra people were needed and 2) locate good candidates to fill the roles.  So for most of September, I was interviewing and preparing for when our new library assistants would start in October.  Sadly, all three could not start at the same time, but we were able to get two of them at the branch at the beginning of the month.  

When you're a supervisor, much of your time and energy goes into those you are training, especially in the first month of their arrival.  And that, dear readers, is where most of my time and energy has gone.  After getting home, I just want to relax, workout, maybe watch some television (I really need to catch up on Supernatural), and read just for fun without the concern of a review.  It's not that I don't love my blog, I miss blogging on a regular basis.  But right now, it's just not high on the priority list.  

I really appreciate all of you who do come to visit my blog even when posts are so sporadic, and I hope to have a nice giveaway during my birthday month in November.  Since I've reached and gone beyond 500 followers, I figure that's a nice thing to do for everyone to celebrate two things.  I will try to have 2 to 3 posts per week, but sometimes life just happens.  We all know what that's like, so in the meantime, I wish everyone...

Happy Reading!


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