Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Dating the Undead by Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe

Title:  Dating the Undead
Authors:  Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe
Pages:  160
Genre:  Paranormal, Supernatural Romance
Publisher:  Harlequin
Summary:  They're drop-dead handsome-and we're not kidding! Welcome to the first and only guide devoted to loving the immortal man in all of his furry, feathery, fiery glory. Here is a forbidden-fruit salad of features, fiction, fashion, and more, including: "Lipstick on His Collar: Is your immortal just a little bit immoral?"; "Angel in the Kitchen: Heavenly dishes that don't take an eternity to prepare"; "A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss: Immortals we crave divulge their lip-smacking turn-ons"; "Undead & Well-Read: What's hot between the covers this month"; "A View from a Guy: Zombie Jack's turn"; "Immorstrology: Our indispensible guide to heavenly bodies."

The Microwave Dish:  I adore Gena Showalter, and I could see her doing something off-the-wall like Dating the Undead.  It would be really fun to see unique "books" like it a bit more often especially from other authors in order to get their take.  Readers get hilarious advertisements, fantastical dating advice, even cocktail recipes in this gem of a magazine (that I sometimes wish was available in subscription just for the ads).  I thought the concept was unique, whimsical, and quite enjoyable.  Those who adore paranormal creatures or are avid Gena Showalter or Jill Monroe fans should get a real kick out of this title.


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