Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Bookish Websites/Organizations/Apps

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, a state that you don't have to worry about being deprived of more books as long as you're near a library. ;) This week's Top Ten is:

Top Ten Bookish Websites/Organizations/Apps, etc.
(In no particular order)

1.  Shelfari.com - This was one of the first book websites I've used and pretty much stayed with.  It's a great way to both store my To-Be-Read list as well as add new titles.  Plus, I love looking at the three different shelves: I Plan To Read, Reading Now, and I've Read. 

2.  Goodreads.com - I've only started using Good Reads earlier this year, but I'm loving it.  It's a great way to keep up with what you're reading (like Shelfari) only you can actually update your reading status.  You can also keep up with friends and authors who have a Good Reads page as well, and I like seeing what my blog friends are reading, too. 

3.  Book Depository - This is the best gift ever for book lovers if you don't have to pay shipping.  That always got me at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I like that I can purchase just a single book from Book Depository and have free shipping.  It may take longer, but with as long as my TBR list is and with the amount of unread books on my shelves, I can wait. :)

4.  Novelist - For librarians, this website is a blessing because if a patron asks what titles an author has published, you can just go here.  I had a patron who wanted a list of all the titles published by 4 different well-known authors, including James Patterson.  After going to Novelist, I printed off the list in Ascending order so he would have the earliest to the latest titles.  Needless to say he was very happy. :)

5.  Half.com - I know it's affiliated with ebay, but I get a lot of the best deals on books from here, especially hard to find books.  Even textbooks are fairly reasonable to purchase from here, and it's nice to see such variety available at a great price.

6.  GoHastings.com - One of my favorite bookstores is Hastings, but sadly, the nearest one to me now is about 2 hours away.  But I can still use their website to track down books available both online and at the 2 Hastings stores near my parents.


7.  Kobo/Nook Apps - I have a Kobo ereader, but what's nice about it is that I can read ebooks from Barnes & Noble on it as well thanks to the B&N App on my laptop.  Both stores sell ebooks in EPUB format, making them interchangeable.  And I can always read ebooks from both stores on my laptop if I choose. 

8.  Paperback Swap - I've only recently discovered Paperback Swap, and I would almost compare it to a distance library.  If there is a title I'm curious about that we don't own at my library and cannot obtain through Inter-Library Loan, this looks like a great option.  And with this you can keep the books!  

9.  The ALAN Review - This is a great journal for reading about YA literature, and I usually use it to judge what YA to order for our library collection.  

10.  WorldCat.org - If it has been published and is available anywhere, you can find it using WorldCat.  I love using WorldCat to locate obscure book titles that patrons request and also when making Inter-Library Loan requests.  It's a marvelous database and definitely make use of it throughout my library career.


  1. Today's meme has made my day! I am finding many great book related links. Thanks!

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  2. We have lots of similar websites. Novelist is great, but since it's a paid subscription, I didn't include it. I'm guessing, though, that most library patrons would have access to it....

  3. Novelist sounds like a great resource! Can't wait to check some of these out.

  4. I prefer to buy my books at Barnes and Noble, but nobody beats Hastings for the amount of money you get for selling your books back to them. I made a killing the last time I cleaned out my shelves!

  5. Thanks for the links!! I appreciate them. I have used Goodreads and Shelfari before, but most of the other ones I haven't explored yet.


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