Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stanza Saturday (4)


Stanza Saturday is a new weekly post to share poetry from either a home collection or from the library.  Find a book of poems, any poet will do, and open up to a random page and post the first poem you see.  If the poem is rather lengthy, feel free to post just the first stanza and be sure to include the poem's title, the book's title, and the poet. ^_^

This week's poem is:

"The Making of a Unicorn"
By Jane Yolen

Take this bone, this ivory,
This slender pyramid, this spear,
This walking stick, this cornucopia,
This twisted instrument of fear,
This mammoth tusk, this pearly thorn,
This mythic spike, this maiden's bier,
This denticle, this rib of time,
This alabaster harrow--here
We start the beast, we give it name,
That world will never be the same.

What poem would you like to share today? ^_^


  1. Fun meme! I would've rather shared my favorite poem, but I followed directions like a good little girl. :)

  2. Thank you for participating this week, and next time feel free to share your favorite poem! :)


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