Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stanza Saturday (2)


Stanza Saturday is a new weekly post to share poetry from either a home collection or from the library.  Find a book of poems, any poet will do, and open up to a random page and post the first poem you see.  If the poem is rather lengthy, feel free to post just the first stanza and be sure to include the poem's title, the book's title, and the poet. ^_^

This week's poem is recommended by a friend at work who follows my blog.

By Timothy Kercher
From Fringe Magazine

Set up the yard with boxwood shrubs
& butterfly bushes. Don’t mow the grass.
Take down your fence if you have one.
Make sure your lawn chairs are set
to recline. Try to make yourself
approachable as you design your yard.
Be subtle enough in movement that dogs
don’t bark, that stray cats rub
against your pant leg and purr.
Make it so your presence puts a polar bear
to sleep. Be as quiet as a colony
of ants. Be the lawn
chair in your yard. Be the shrub. Be the bush
or butterfly and don’t make a sound.
Don’t be frightened at the size
of its feet. Don’t snap a photo.
Don’t move an inch. Be the grass.
Be the air and the breeze. When you feel
you’ve done all you can,
be a shadow, be what it’s like to hide behind
what’s already hidden. When you’ve done this,
when you think you are truly ready, stop thinking,
and right at this point—become what
trusts itself enough to be seen.

What poem would you like to share today? ^_^


  1. I will have to pass this one on to a co-worker who loves Big Foot!

  2. Excellent! Feel free to share. :)

  3. What a beautiful poem. I love the line: "Make sure your lawn chairs are set to recline."
    I'm looking forward to participating in this new idea of yours. Sorry I missed it last Sat. In the meantime you may like my mother-in-law's blog. She writes beautifully it's like reading poetry all the time!

  4. Thank you! :D And I'll have to check out her blog, so thank you for sharing.


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