Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wandering the Archive

Deep within the archives of a home library, there lurks title upon title of books accrued over half (or more) a lifetime. Nobody knows just why a bookshelf grows out of proportion or why it needs to be expanded except... the bibliophile. And even then, she might have forgotten the reason somewhere along the way. But now, thanks to the intrepid explorer (my beau), these titles will slowly be unearthed and examined here for any who dare to wander into... DJL's personal archive.

What is it?

Mercenaries by Angela Knight (2005)

Trinity Yeager would rather die than be auctioned off as a bride to the freaks on Rapture's Colony. There is an alternative: Join Nathan August's star-hopping team of mercenary soldiers. The captain has one condition--that Trinity prove her resilience as the one-night plaything for him and his first officer, Sebastian Cole. Trinity not only sees Nathan's bet. She raises it...

From galactic dens of depravity to far-reaching planets of dominant females and strapping male slaves to the violent shadows of an unknown off-world, Trinity joins forces with Nathan and Sebastian to risk flesh and blood, and to push the boundaries of erotic adventure in order to protect, honor, and serve--in the name of duty.

Where did it come from?

This book came from the Recycled Bookstore in Denton.

Why did it get picked up?

Angela Knight was one of the first romance authors whose works I'd read. I thought this one would be fairly interesting since it was composed of 3 novellas taking place in a science fiction setting.

When was it read?

Either in 2006 or 2007, though I'm not sure of the exact time.

To whom should it be recommended?

Readers who enjoy romance with adventure... and a wee bit of domineering. (If you're looking for an alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey, I recommend this one.)

Will it be kept?

Yes, as it is my one remaining Angela Knight title in my collection (even if my beau does tease me now).


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