Monday, March 26, 2012

Shopping for Book-Lovers

Who doesn't love to shop?  I can't imagine many people (especially my fellow bloggers) saying that they really don't like to shop.  Because even if you hate hitting the mall or boutiques, I know there's at least one store that always catches your eye as it does mine.  Ah, our beloved bookstores, where would we be without them?  

Ever since I entered the field of library science, I've been on the lookout for anything that helps promote reading, libraries, and books in general.  Lucky for me, I've been able to find a few go-to places and recently been introduced to a new website.  So here are my top three book-lover shopping sites.

If you've checked out the online comic Unshelved (and if you haven't, you really should as it is hilarious), then you're definitely aware of their store.  They have quite the variety especially in the way of pro-reading T-shirts, which makes me jump up and down like a schoolgirl.  Below are a couple of my favorite items, Book Club T-shirt and Intellectual Freedom Fighter messenger bag: 

They even have onesies for future readers, too cute!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes in April as well as snagging a couple T-shirts. 

This website has some of the most adorable book and reading T-shirts and jewelry you will ever find.  I cannot get over the Super Librarian T-Shirt or the Book Socks, two of my most favorite items here.

Then, there is this adorable Scrabble Pin that makes me think of the creative Tevya at Reading Lark.

If you are a Children's Librarian or you know one, definitely check out their line of SkippyJon Jones items.

Last but certainly not least is the most recent reading-related shopping site I've seen on others' blogs.  What is especially great about Gone Reading is that their mission is to promote readership AND they donate their profits to help create and build new libraries in developing countries and raise money for public libraries in the US.  If that's not a good enough reason to check them out, definitely look at their merchandise.

For those of us who love our libraries, it truly is "Home Away From Home" and I love the T-shirt stating that fact.  Considering the books I've read, and the genres I lean towards, I would probably be pondering about answers to the It Was A Dark & Stormy Night Game About Books... but I'm still willing to try. 

And for those that I know love Jane Austen there is a line of products featuring her works.  Personally, I just adore the Read 'em and Weep T-shirt.

I have a special surprise for everyone courtesy of Gone Reading Founder and CEO, Brad Wirz.  He has given a coupon code for 25% off any purchases EXCEPT bookends from Gone Reading for the next month, through April 22nd.  To use, enter the code: DJL25 in the coupon code bar once you click Checkout.  Enjoy, dear readers!

Do you have any go-to book-lover shopping sites?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments and would definitely love to get a link. ^_^


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