Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Have Some Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  There's a lot of traditions involved with the holiday but none so creative as carving pumpkins to place on the porch, window, balcony, whathaveyou!  Here are some examples of great and unique pumpkin carvings, with the first six dedicated to the baddest brawlers of Halloween for my girls in Starting the Next Chapter's Bump in the Night Brawl!

(Thanks to Louise-vampires, Kyla-zombies, Christy-demons, Nikki-witches, and most of all Marla-ghosts!)

Next we have some amazingly detailed sci-fi features.  See if you recognize some of these characters:

(My personal favorite ^w^)

(Ack, the scariest one of all! *hides!*)

How about some Disney-themed pumpkins?

And now for some traditional scary pumpkins in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve!

(For you, Marla!)

(Guess he's got his eye on you! *rimshot*)

(The way to reuse that candy corn from years past.)

(Attack of the killer tomato pumpkins?)

(Wow.  Words escape me.)

Do y'all have some cool pumpkins to share?  I'd love to see them!


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