Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Characters/Literary Figures That I'd Name my Children After

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, a state that you don't have to worry about being deprived of more books as long as you're near a library. ;) I was introduced to this meme thanks to some of the blogs I follow, and as the list for this week sounded like fun, I thought I'd give it a shot.

It's hard to say whether I would really name my children after some of these characters, but it's interesting to think about the idea.

1.  Sydney - Named for Sydney Carton from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.  He was the true hero of the novel and I would tell my son as such.  "You are named for a great man who knows what the true meaning of sacrifice is."

2.  Danielle - Named for the plucky "Cinderella" from the film Ever After; for some reason I couldn't find a literary character with the name.  Truthfully, I've always loved the old French names, such as Danielle, Michelle, etc., and this Danielle is such a strong-willed character, you can't help but admire her.

3.  Vianne - Named for the chocolate-maker from Joanne Harris' Chocolat; loved the movie and the book.  Again, with the French names, her name just sounds so pretty to me, and I could hopefully push my daughter into becoming a wonderful chocolate-maker too. ;)

4.  Atticus - Named for the father and lawyer of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.  Here's where the names might get a smidge weird, but Atticus was one of the main characters I really adored from the novel.  It was his presence that made the book interesting to me.

5.  Alanna - Named for the young girl who would become a great lady knight under her king in the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pearce.  People who aspire to do great things always amaze me

6.  Yelena - Named for the girl who was once a prisoner and then discovered what her true abilities were once given a second chance from Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study.  Again, like Danielle and Alanna, Yelena's a strong figure to me and I adore strong figures.

7.  Valek - Named for the man who gave a prisoner a second chance and came to trust her, also from Poison Study.  He's an amazing man and with a name like that, you just know not to mess with him.

8.  Bowen - Named for the knight who would slay a dragon and vanquish evil in Charles Edward Pogue's Dragonheart.  It took me FOREVER to find this book, and I had chosen it for an assignment for school.  But I loved it as I adore Bowen from both the book and the film.

9.  Vivian - Named for the werewolf heroine from Annette Curtis Clause' Blood and Chocolate.  Such pain she had to endure and what strength she must have had in order to push through the obstacles stacked against her.

10.  Sam - Named for the boy with the golden-eyed gaze from Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver.  Yes, it is a simple name and yet it suits this young man quite well in this unique werewolf story of love and loss.


  1. So great that you included Alanna! I included Jonathan as in Prince Jon :-)

  2. Hehehe! This sounds like fun. Although we read to many of the same books because I would have several of the sam ones ;)

  3. @ Willa: I would have included Jonathan but I didn't think about him, though it is a very lovely name for a boy. :)

    @ Karen: This is true, though I still couldn't believe both you and Beth had copies of Dragonheart in book form. :D

  4. Syndey was a great pick! Have you ever read "A Far Better Rest" by Susanne Alleyn? It's "A Tale of Two Cities" from his point of view. I read it a couple of weeks ago and think it excellent.

    I thought about including Sam, myself, though my Sam comes from "Once an Eagle", and that book has appeared on quite a few of these lists already!

  5. @ smellincoffee: I'm sorry to say I haven't read "A Far Better Rest", though I've heard of it and will add it to my TBR list. :D And awesome, you should have included Sam anyway. ;)

    @ Andrea: Seems like a lot of people are fond of Atticus' name. :) You're the fourth one I've seen with him on your list.

  6. Thanks for dropping by! Great to see you're another Alanna fan. And I considered Yelena & Valek for mine as well :)


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